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Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton (born in Great Britain) is quite possibly one of the greatest F1 drivers of all time. He has a record-equalling 7 world championships to his name and is set to begin his 15th Season in F1 (9th with Mercedes) in 2021.

Valtteri Bottas

Valtteri Bottas (born in Finland) has been a teammate to Lewis Hamilton since 2017 whose formidable performances often overshadow his own. Mercedes will be expecting Bottas to up his game in 2021 otherwise his position on the team will be in jeopardy ahead of the 2022 season. Bottas will be starting his 9th season in F1 (5th with Mercedes) in 2021.

Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen (born in the Netherlands) has had uncontested form at Red Bull since Daniel Ricciardo left the team at the end of 2018. He has had two teammates since then (Pierre Gasly and Alex Albon) who have been unable to compete with Verstappen so consequently dropped by the team. At 18 years and 228 days, Max Verstappen is the youngest race winner in F1 history. Verstappen is set to begin his 7th Season in F1 (6th with Red Bull) in 2021 with a new teammate of Sergio Perez.

Sergio Perez

Sergio Perez (born in Mexico) came 4th in the 2020 driver’s championship driving for Racing Point. As well as that he picked up his first ever win in F1 at the Sakhir Grand Prix. Despite outperforming his ex-teammate (Lance Stroll) in pretty much all areas during the course of the 2020 season, Racing Point dropped him. Fortunately, Red Bull noticed his form and signed him for the 2021 season, replacing Alex Albon. Perez is set to begin his 11th season in F1 (first with Red Bull) in 2021.

Lando Norris

Lando Norris (born in Great Britain) picked up his first podium in F1 at the Austrian Grand Prix in 2020. He has partnered Carlos Sainz for the last two years but will be racing alongside Daniel Ricciardo for the 2021 season. With McLaren making the switch to Mercedes engines for 2021, we could easily see Norris picking up many podiums and even race wins. Norris will begin his 3rd Season in F1 and 3rd season with McLaren in 2021.

Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo (born in Australia) has raced for 4 different teams (HRT, Torro Rosso, Red Bull and Renualt) in his F1 career and has won a total of 7 races. In 2021, he will race for his fifth team, McLaren, alongside Lando Norris. Ricciardo will begin his 10th full season (1st with McLaren) in F1 in 2021.

Lance Stroll

Lance Stroll (born in Canada) has caused a fair amount of controversy over his place at Aston Martin for 2021. Many fans that Lance only has a place on the team because his dad has ownership of it. Nevertheless, last season Stroll picked up two podium finishes and his maiden pole position, as well as scoring more points than in his previous three seasons combined. Lance Stroll is set to begin his 5th season in F1 (3rd with Racing Point/Aston Martin) and will race alongside 4-time world champion Sebastian Vettel in 2021.

Sebastian Vettel

4-time World Champion Sebastian Vettel (born in Germany) was dropped from Ferrari at the end of last season after consistently being second-best to his teammate. Vettel was left with nowhere to go until the newly named Aston Martin team took him under their wing in a bid to return him to his former glory. Sebastian Vettel is set to begin his 14th full season in F1 (1st with Aston Martin) and will race alongside Lance Stroll in 2021,

Fernando Alonso

2-time World Champion Fernando Alonso (born in Spain) is making a return to the sport next season after quitting at the end of 2018 with the team he had most of his success with, Renault (now Alpine). 2021 will be the Spaniards 18th season in Formula 1 and 7th for Renault/Alpine.

Esteban Ocon

Throughout his career, not much attention has ever been paid to Esteban Ocon (born in France). Despite this, I would still rate him as a great driver: last season he picked up his first-ever podium and he even holds an F1 record for his consistency (most consecutive finishes from start to career – 27 Grand Prix). Ocon is set to begin his 5th season in F1 (2nd for Renault/Alpine) in 2021 alongside Fernando Alonso.

Charles Leclerc

After a commanding performance in 2020 despite the lack of performance from the car, Charles Leclerc was the driver Ferrari opted to keep instead of Sebastian Vettel. Leclerc has never done anything but impress in his F1 career, only spending one season at Sauber before being promoted to Ferrari in just his 2nd season of F1. The Ferrari driver will hope his team will give him a car that is capable of challenging for podiums, race wins and even the championship for 2021. Charles Leclerc will begin his 4th season in F1 (3rd for Ferrari) in 2021 alongside Carlos Sainz.

Carlos Sainz

Having been in F1 for 6 years now, Carlos Sainz (born in Spain) has finally made it into a top team. After an impressive performance for McLaren in 2020, Ferrari have decided to replace Sebastian Vettel with Sainz for the 2021 season. Ironically, the dream move to Ferrari could prove worse than staying at McLaren for Sainz if the team does not improve this season. Nevertheless, Sainz will be hoping for many podiums and race wins in the coming years. Carlos Sainz will begin his 7th season in F1 (1st with Ferrari) in 2021 alongside Charles Leclerc.

Pierre Gasly

Pierre Gasly (born in France) picked up his maiden F1 race win at the Italian Grand Prix in 2020. This comes after being dropped from Red Bull midway through the previous season. However, Gasly has no doubt improved since then and AlphaTauri will be expecting him to take a leading role as Yuki Tsunoda begins his F1 career alongside him. Pierre Gasly will begin his 4th full season in F1 (2nd with AlphaTauri) in 2021.

Yuki Tsunoda

Yuki Tsunoda (born in Japan) will be one of three rookies in F1 for 2021. His only season in F2 last year saw him reach an impressive third place in the championship. Other career highlights include winning the F4 championship in 2018. Tsunoda has high hopes for his F1 career and has already declared his ambition to be the first Japanese driver to win a race. Yuki Tsunoda will begin his 1st season in F1 alongside Pierre Gasly in 2021.

Kimi Räikkönen

Kimi Räikkönen (born in Finland) is the most experienced F1 driver in history having completed over 300 races. As well as that he has an impressive 23 wins and 103 podiums but unfortunately no world championship. Räikkönen has raced for 6 different F1 teams before as well as two stints at Ferrari. Kimi Räikkönen will begin his 19th season in F1 (3rd with Alfa Romeo) in 2021.

Antonio Giovinazzi

Antonio Giovinazzi (born in Italy) has not been in Formula 1 for long and is yet to produce any memorable moments. He has no wins or podiums and only has a total of 18 career points. Nevertheless, Giovinazzi still has a promising career ahead of him and has the potential to make it into a bigger team when big names such as Hamilton, Bottas and Vettel begin to leave the sport. Antonio Giovinazzi will begin his 3rd full season in F1 and 3rd with Alfa Romeo in 2021 alongside Kimi Räikkönen.

Mick Schumacher

Mick Schumacher (born in Germany) is the son of record-breaking seven-time Formula One World Champion, Michael Schumacher. Mick’s dream has always been to drive for Ferrari, just like his father, and although he is driving for Haas in 2021, Mattia Binotto (Ferrari team principal) reckons Schumacher can be driving for Ferrari as early as 2023. Mick Schumacher will begin his 1st season if F1 in 2021 alongside Nikita Mazepin.

Nikita Mazepin

Nikita Mazepin (born in Russia) is one of the three rookies joining F1 for 2021. His career highlights include 5th in the 2020 F2 championship, 3rd in the 2019 F3 Asian Championship and 2nd in the 2018 GP3 series. Nikita Mazepin will begin his 1st season in F1 with Haas F1 in 2021. He will race alongside a fellow rookie, Mick Schumacher.

George Russell

George Russell (born in Great Britain) is one of the most promising young F1 drivers on the grid, despite not currently having the car to perform well in. Many predict he will replace Lewis Hamilton or Valtteri Bottas at Mercedes for 2022, especially after an impressive performance at the Sakhir Grand Prix in 2020 where he stood in for Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes, following a positive coronavirus test result for Hamilton. George Russell will begin his 3rd season in F1 and 3rd for Williams in 2021 alongside Nicholas Latifi.

Nicholas Latifi

Nicholas Latifi (born in Canada) has struggled to impress in Formula 1 so far because of a lack of performance from his car. On top of that, his potential is often overshadowed by the widely talked about George Russell. Despite a tough start in F1, Latifi has impressed in other areas of his career such as when he finsihed 2nd in the 2019 F2 championship. Nicholas Latifi will begin his 2nd season in F1 and 2nd season with Williams in 2021 alongside George Russell.

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